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The 2010 AFL Grand Finals replay is done and dusted, and finally a champion has been named. In a tremendous return to form, the Collingwood Magpies slaughtered the St Kilda Saints to take the 108-52 win. It wasn’t quite the down-to-the-wire battle of its predecessor, but fans and punters who…


Australian Football League is the highest level professional Australian-rules football league in Australia and attracts a huge audience both on television and at the stadiums. Particularly popular on the east coast, majority of AFL teams are located in Victoria however the 16 teams are spread across the country.

During the AFL season, there are 22 rounds of matches, which equates to 176 games before the Finals Series takes place with the top 8 teams competing to be in the Grand Final held at the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Grounds). Although the game is only played in Australia, its popularity is spreading across the world with UK bookmakers now offering odds on the games.AFL Football Betting

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AFL Football Betting Types:

Head to Head: Punter bets on which team will win

Head to Head with Draw: The punter can decide if team will win, lose or draw with the other team.

Spread Bet: Both teams are given a handicap of either plus or minus points to make the game more even. The team with the minus amount must the game by more than the amount allocated to them. The team with the plus amount will win the game or must not lose by more than what was allocated to them.

For example:

St Kilda vs Collingwood -6.5 (Home) +6.5 (Away)

Betting $10 on St Kilda would give you a return if the team beat Collingwood by more than 6.5 points. Otherwise, betting on Collingwood would give you a payout if Collingwood win the game or lose by less than 6.5 points.

Game Totals: The punter wagers on the combined score of both teams, whether they decide to bet over or under this amount.

Margin Betting: The punter wagers against a margin of points that a team must win by. The winning margin is determined by the bookmaker e.g. between 10 & 17 points so the team’s winning margin must fall between these numbers. The odds on margin betting are normally a lot better than those of the head to head bets.

Future Bets: The punter selects which team will win either a specific game in the series or even the Grand Final winner.

Exotics: These bets can be a lot harder but are also a lot more fun and challenging for the punter to decide.

Correct Score

Half Time – Full Time Doubles

First Goal Scorer

Game Totals

Set Betting

Half Time Result

1st Scoring Play

1st Team to Score

1st Score

Live Betting: Punters can make bets while the game is in progress at quarter times however the odds on such bets are quite low.

Multiple Betting/Parlays: Punters can make multiple bets on the one game

Brownlow Medal betting: The medal is awarded to the “fairest and best” player of the regular season (not including finals matches).

Norm Smith Medal betting: The medal is awarded to the best player of the Grand Final match and is judged by a panel of experts.

AFL Football Betting Tips:

AFL is a very clean sport however with drafts taking place each year and unexpected match results happening each week, it is important for punters to analyse the game before putting any money down. Start by looking at your team’s past match results. Some teams will consistently win against another team no matter how far down the ladder they are. With these games it is quite safe to assume that the same thing will happen again if the same players are on. On the contrary, there are also teams which will always struggle against one team in particular and this needs to be considered when placing a wager.

This season, St Kilda has had a great run and this has obviously boosted their confidence and team morale. So if the next match was to involve St Kilda and a team which is say half way down the ladder, the punter needs to weigh up each team’s chances of success. However what would happen if St Kilda’s star player or team captain, Nick Riewoldt was out for a match. Would the team morale and confidence levels change, giving the other team more of a chance at succeeding?

As with any sport, the venue of an AFL match is of great importance. Because teams must travel interstate, the distance for supporters to follow is often too great, making the crowd quite one sided which can affect how the away team plays. As the Victorian teams are not as widespread, the games in Victoria are not too bad but when the Brisbane Lions go up against Collingwood at the Gabba, it’s a different story.

After the AFL Grand Final you can still enjoy a bet on Horse Racing.  We recommend checking the form for the Melbourne Cup, Cox Plate and Caulfield Cup.

NFL Super Bowl XLVII

The AFL Grand Final is dwarfed by the size of Super Bowl XLVII. Super Bowl XLVII is set to be a cracking encounter with the exciting San Francisco 49ers taking on the pragmatic Baltimore Ravens.