AFL Grand Final Replay Preview and Odds

September 29th, 2010

So, on the heels of the shocking 68-68 draw in the AFL Grand Finals, the Collingwood Magpies and St Kilda Saints will be taking to the MCG in yet another battle for the chance to claim the Premiership flag. While it might be the same teams on the same grounds, fighting it out for the same prize, this week’s AFL Grand Final replay is going to be a very different game.

Both of these teams have had the chance to see what the other is made of. This means that not only will they be coming into this one with some confidence, but they’ll also be coming in with a more informed idea on how to win. This is going to equal some pretty fantastic footy. This one is going to come down to which team can play a full match of solid, intense Aussie Rules.

The Saints proved to themselves (and AFL fans) that they can keep up with the Collingwood winning machine. The boost in confidence will definitely help them through this AFL Grand Final replay. Their stunning performance in the fourth quarter of last week’s game is what this team needs to win. If they can play like that through an entire match, the will be a force to reckon with. Watch for skipper Nick Reiwoldt to be key in inspiring a win once again.

On the other side of the field, the Magpies know that they can’t fall victim to overconfidence this time around. The ‘Pies can’t afford to give up for a second in this second chance AFL Grand Final replay because, as we’ve seen, the Saints are more than capable of exploiting that weakness. One key factor that could tip the score in their favour this time around will be Dane Swan. The centre didn’t have a very good match last week, and will most likely take advantage of this opportunity to prove why he’s one of the best players in the league.

While both teams will be going into this one on more even grounds, the Magpies are looking strong to take the win. And since the team is not likely to make the same mistakes as last week, a win in this AFL Grand Final replay seems likely. has released a number of odds on the upcoming AFL Grand Final replay. In addition to the following, the top online bookie is offering punters over 50 exotic bets to choose from. There is something for everyone to choose from, which is one good reason why you should place all your AFL Grand Final replay bets at Sportsbet. Check it out before the game kicks off this Saturday, October 2.

Teams Head-to-Head Line Line (ev) 1-39 40+
Collingwood 1.60 1.92 (-10.5) 2.00 (-13.5) 2.25 4.30
St Kilda 2.40 1.92 (+10.5) 2.00 (+7.5) 3.00 10.00
Draw 41.00